Why You May Get Cracked Heels and How to Fix Them Naturally

If one day you looked down and discovered that cracks started to form in your heels, your first guess would be that it was caused by lack of moisture or care. Nevertheless, those are not the only reasons that could lead to dryness or peeling of skin under your feet.

To help you combat this problem, our team tried their best not only to gather six reasons that may seem unrelated, yet could potentially cause you this problem, but also provided the reader with a foot soak that will take care of all dryness in an instant.

1-Extra weight

  • The reason behind it:

All your life, your feet carry you around and cushion your weight because they must balance and hold your entire body. Therefore, when you add on extra weight, your feet crack due to their size expanding to provide more assistance, and that especially happens if they are not taken care of or provided an adequate amount of hydration.

  • Way to fix it:

The best way is to measure your ideal weight while considering your height and weight proportions. After measuring your body mass index, if it doesn’t fall under the average range, you should make sure to put your weight back to a more fit state. Also, be aware that diabetes also causes cracked feet; therefore, ensure that your sugar level is always normal.

2-Lack of vitamins

  • The reason behind it:

When you don’t get an adequate amount of vitamins in your diet or when you have a deficiency in minerals and other nutrients, you may be at a higher risk of developing dry and scaly heels.  

  • Way to fix it:

Incorporate in your diet food that has an abundant amount of vitamins, such as vitamins A, B3, C, E, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

3-Wrong shoes

  • The reason behind it:

Shoes that expose the back of your feet like mules or sandals allow the fat pad under the feet to surrender and expand, which increases the risk of you developing dry and rough skin on your heels. Also, shoes that don’t fit properly or soles that are too thin and can’t support your weight often result in this condition.

  • Way to fix it:

Consult a podiatrist to provide you with the exact size of your feet so that you can start getting shoes that fit properly. Also, make sure not to wear shoes with open backs, which supply your feet with no support whatsoever. 


  • The reason behind it:

After menopause, some women may be more prone to a condition identified as ‘acquired keratoderma’. It is a skin disorder that can lead to cracked and scaly skin on the heels

  • Way to fix it:

One way that can fix this problem is by applying topical estrogen ointments. It is recommended to help mend the troubled skin. However, consulting a specialist remains to be necessary.

5-Standing for too long

  • The reason behind it:

Spending a long time standing at work or home on surfaces that might strain your feet and cause them to crack.

  • Way to fix it:

Your best way is to avoid standing for extended periods. However, if that is not an option, you can always do some stretching and exercises that would put less pressure on your feet.

6-The wrong shower routine

  • The reason behind it:

Taking a hot and nice bath feels relaxing, yet it is not good for your feet. Water strips natural oils from the skin and leaves it feeling rough and dry. Another thing that can cause your feet to lose moisture is abrasive soap and shower gel.

  • Way to fix it:

Make sure to avoid standing for prolonged periods in damp areas and narrow your shower time to a period that ranges from 5 to 10 minutes, with the use of water that is just warm enough to avoid the harshness that comes with using hot water. Also, avoid any oil stripping products, and don’t forget to apply a moisturizing product after drying your skin.

Bonus: A foot soak to heal your heels

Using Listerine inside the tub where you are soaking your feet can help soften the skin, which will make the process of scrubbing go smoother, and the skin will come off faster. Listerine also has phytochemicals in it like menthol and thymol that help in disinfecting and calming the skin.

  • What you need:

1 cup of Listerine
1 cup of white vinegar
2 cups of water

  • What to do:

    1. Mix Listerine, white vinegar and water in a tub.
    2. Put your feet in the tub and dip them for a period of 10 to 15 minutes.
    3. Remove your feet from the tub and lightly rub your heels with a pumice stone.
    4. Clean your feet with warm water and wipe them with a towel, then apply moisturizer.

Do you suffer from cracked heels too? If so, try to follow these steps, they will leave you with baby soft skin.