Anti-Aging Foods That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Were you aware that real beauty comes from the inside out? It means that what we eat affects our outer appearance, not only our health.
There is a variety of skincare products and creams out there designed with properties that help with the rejuvenation of skin and anti-aging problems; however, there is no need to go that far and waste your money, the solution exists in your kitchen.

To achieve healthy glowing skin, not for a short-lived moment, you should start looking for food that is full of antioxidants, vitamins C, D, E, K, and the B-complex, not forgetting folic acid and choline. The consumption of food that contains these specific components is beneficial for the stimulation of your body cells, and the prevention of several kinds of cancers, plus heart diseases.

We are all aware of the fact that the skin is our largest organ; therefore, it is evident that the skin’s response to food will be the same as our internal organs. So if you are attempting to turn back your aging clock or jump the wagon of the dewy skin trend and make it look like it was effortless, you should consider changing your diet to one that will help you achieve your goal.

Here is a list of delicious food that will realize your wishes:


The process of lubrication helps facilitate the functioning of our organs, and that is why fat is necessary because it plays the role of a lubricator. However, not all fats are acceptable; you should look for the right ones.
For example, avocados are emollients; they contain healthy fats that help the elasticity and the promotion of moisture in your skin. Found in a study that took in consideration the diet of more than 700 women is the fact that consumption of the right kind of fat resulted in much healthier and radiant skin.

Also, a set of data suggests that components found within avocados protect your skin from sun damage. On top of what you benefit from with the inclusion of avocados in your diet, you get to boost the production of collagen in your skin. As the absence of collagen makes your skin look withered, vitamin E and C present in the fruit will be your saviors.

Dark Chocolate

It is not necessary to deny yourself small joys for the enhancement of your skin condition through your diet. If you are a lover of chocolate, you can do with dark chocolate. Studies show that cocoa powder is full of a variety of antioxidants. After a moderate consumption of dark chocolate, you will notice that your skin is becoming a lot more moisturized and less flaky. It will also develop resistance against sunburns; however, that does not mean that you are allowed to skip the sunscreen application.

Another thing that you gain from eating dark chocolate is the improvement of your blood circulation; thus a radiant looking skin as you will be benefitting from more nutrients than usual. However, it is best to keep in mind that only dark chocolate is allowed because of its low dosage of sugar. You’ll be getting all the nutrients from its 70% cocoa content, and you won’t be affected by the harm caused by sugar.

Red Wine

Guess what? You can still savor your glass of wine with a clear conscience. Red wine has resveratrol in it. Resveratrol is a proclaimed compound that will slow the clock of your skin. While looking around the market, you will notice that many skin products have resveratrol as an ingredient. You will find it in the form of supplements or topically applied products.
The creation of free radicals slows down with the consumption of red wine. A substitute for wine is grape juice, and it does not need to be fermented. Free radical damages are one of the primary agitators of premature aging skin problems. It would be thoughtless not to mention that overconsumption of alcohol will ruin your skin, yet if you are thinking about enjoying a glass, red wine won’t let you down.


Tomatoes are all-rounders. They are palatable and easy to incorporate in all dishes. As a sauce, fresh or cooked, tomatoes can either up your dish, or shine on their own. They can provide you with an adequate quantity of vitamin C resulting in flake-free radiant skin.

You can benefit from all of the vital carotenoids, namely beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene, found in tomatoes. These highly potent antioxidants help shield your skin from sun damage. Moreover, to benefit more from the carotenoids, it is recommended to consume them with a little bit of fat and to facilitate their absorption. Think of this as a delicious treat that allows you to munch on avocados along with cheese, olive oil, and nuts.


We hear a lot about how all kinds of nuts, or specifically walnuts, have the ideal amount of essential fatty acids. Our bodies employ these fatty acids to protect and construct our cell walls. Therefore, we need to consume an adequate amount of omega-3s and omega-6s to help with the building of those cells. Fatty fish is also a great way to get your dose of essential fatty acids, which you can find in salmon, mackerel, and also in herring.

Because they are full of antioxidants that promote healthy skin like vitamin E, vitamin C, and selenium, as well as 4 to 5 grams of protein per ounce, walnuts, are your best source of essential fatty acids. However, make sure to get the right dose in each serving. One ounce per portion is enough, as walnuts are in fat. That amount is sufficient to get you 6% of the Reference Daily Intake for zinc, which is famous for its skin healing and inflammation combating properties.

Sweet Potatoes

Beta carotene is a type of antioxidant from the carotenoid group that can actually protect your skin from sun damage, and sweet potatoes are a particularly rich source of it. You can’t necessarily skip using sunscreen if you are going to be outside for a significant amount of time, but a diet rich in beta carotene increases the time that you can spend in the sun without burning.

Sunburn is important to avoid, not only because it increases your risk of skin cancer, but also because it results in cell death. That causes dry and wrinkly skin. If you need yet another reason to eat your sweet potatoes, that beta carotene can impart a warm, bronze tone to your skin without any sun exposure at all.


The best way to achieve the healthy and glowing that we see all around social media is to improve and to be consistent with your diet. Your solution is to base your diet on plant-based foods and greens with a small portion of low-fat meat from time to time, such as fish. Also, consistent consumption of vegetables, fruits, or organic products like the ones mentioned in the list above, will ensure and provide your skin with a high level of protection. Mainly because of the food’s significant amount of antioxidant content and essential fatty acids, you will witness a notable change in the quality of your skin. Another important reminder is to drink water daily. Water helps cleanse all toxins and enhances the performance of the natural products within your diet.

By following the tips provided by us, it will surely help you achieve the perfect skin. Plus, your friends will notice the improvement and praise you on it. Not only that will happen, but they will also be all over the place, asking about your secret to achieving radiant and flawless skin.