12 Tricks That Affect Your Body in an Unexpected Way

Try and envision this situation where you have an urgent gathering, yet you fell ill with a severe migraine. Another thing that might happen is that you are receiving check-up by your dentist, and suddenly you are experiencing stomachaches. Any of these situations are likely to happen at any given time, and what is more serious is that accessibility to an immediate ache relief may not be possible. Worry not, we got your back. We tried to gather a compilation of tips and tricks that will immediately solve your dilemma.

Below are 12 tricks that will surprise you at how effective they are:

Blow on your thumb to calm your nerves.

  • HOW IT WORKS: By blowing on your thumb, you stimulate the vagus nerve enough for it to relay a message to your brain to bring down your heartbeats. It will make your heartbeat slow down and your breathing more even, which will get you eventually to calm down.

Hold a pencil between your teeth to boost your mood

  • HOW IT WORKS: By holding a pencil between your teeth, you are stimulating the smile muscle, which sends feedback to the brain and helps activate the happy part of the brain, contributing to a more cheerful mood.

Soothe a tickling throat by scratching your ear.

  • HOW IT WORKS: There is a bundle of nerves in your ear, that when stimulated, generates a reflex in your throat that induces a muscle spasm. This spasm is what exactly helps scratch the tickling sensation in your mouth.

Turn off your gag reflex by squeezing your left thumb.

  • HOW IT WORKS: You are now wondering how this could possibly work. How could creating a fist with your left hand and pressing on your left thumb disable your gag reflex, you say? The reason this may work for some isn’t entirely understood, but this is an easy trick that can relieve you of your gag reflex.

Stop a nosebleed by pressing on your upper gums.

  • HOW IT WORKS: Apply pressure to your upper gums, directly under your nose. There are blood vessels in there that are sending your nose its blood supply, that is why when you put pressure on it, you are slowing the blood flow, which would help stop the nosebleed.

Swallow stubborn pills by bending your head forward.

  • HOW IT WORKS: The lean forward method is meant to aid people in comfortably swallowing their pills, plus it is a safer way to take them down your throat. First, you are supposed to place the capsule on your tongue, then take a sip of water, and lastly, tilt your head forward as you swallow.

“Wake up” your arm by moving your head around.

  • HOW IT WORKS: Experiencing tingling in your arms can be unsettling. This condition is a result of pinched nerves in your neck; that is why applying some pressure on the neck by stretching it from side to side, might offer some relief to your discomfort.

Prevent burn scars by pressing the pads of your fingers against the burnt skin.

  • HOW IT WORKS: Applying light pressure while massaging the recently burnt skin, is another technique used to help soften the skin, stimulates it to retain regular skin warmth, and prevents blisters from forming.

Relieve a headache by putting your hands under cold water.

  • HOW IT WORKS: It may sound surprising, but ice can help ease the symptoms of headaches or migraines because it boosts the blood flow within your body. Try submerging your hands in ice-cold water, or putting them under the tap for as long as you can endure it.

Deal with fear of needles by coughing.

  • HOW IT WORKS: Apparently, coughing once before and once during the shot can help some people alleviate the pain they feel when pricked by needles. It acts as a distraction, taking the patient’s attention away from the procedure. Plus we know, that when people’s attention is elsewhere, they tend to respond less pain.

Make your toothache disappear by putting an ice cube on the back of your hand between your index finger and your thumb.

  • HOW IT WORKS: Using a cold compress or an ice cube can help reduce dental pain. Because of existing nerve pathways in our hands, which are constantly transmitting pain signals to the brain, it is best to place an ice cube between that part of your hand. By doing that, you alleviate the pain, and block those signals from reaching your brain.

Get rid of hiccups by raising your arms above your head and stretching.

  • HOW IT WORKS: Stretching your hands above your head resets the diaphragm by compressing it momentarily, this helps stop it from involuntary contracting.

Were you aware of any of these hacks?