10 Foods That Make Your Body Smell Great

Do you encounter troubles within your daily life because of severe body odor that emanates from you? While we possess no control over how our bodies smell because body odor has a genetic basis. However, the smell is sometimes heavily impacted by numerous factors including, food. Food can be the primary cause behind the smell, or it can have some reinforcing properties that progressively worsen it.
Here below is a list of food that might be the culprit behind your suffering. Keep on reading to discover which foods are your saviors and which ones are your foes.

Water vs beer

The more you drink, the more prominent your body odor would be. People’s bodies can breathe out the odor, and it also gets secreted into a sweat.The most reliable way to subdue the body odor related to drinking alcohol is to reduce your drinking habit and to hydrate your body by supplying it with an adequate amount of water to clear all toxins out of it.

Yogurt vs milk

Yogurt is exceptional for reducing body odor since it has active cultures within it, which assist in decreasing the number of sulfite compounds from the body that causes the smell. Plus, because of the vitamin D that is present in yogurt, it helps fight off bacteria living in the mouth; therefore, it assists in eliminating bad breath. Milk, however, has choline in it, which only serves in increasing the severity of the body’s smell.

Lemon juice vs wine

Waking up from a hangover is not the only bad thing that can happen from your consumption of alcohol. Even though enjoying a glass of wine may seem appropriate in certain evenings, yet drinking alcohol can issue a prominent smell not only on your breath but it can also emit a strong odor that is produced by the skin pores. The advice given to combat the smell is drinking lemon water, which can clean your body with its antioxidant qualities.

Herbal tea vs coffee

Coffee, we know how several people are addicted to drinking it daily in massive quantities; however, caffeinated beverages are known to generate pungent body odor. That is why substituting caffeine with herbal tea is the best method to rid you of body odor, as tea is famous for being an exceptional detoxifier.

Apple vs cauliflower

Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable that can influence body odor due to the presence of choline. This compound is absorbed in the body and is then discharged as sweat that comes out smelling bad. That is why it is better to consume apples instead, as they produce these natural detergent properties, which fight against the bad smell.

Orange vs pumpkin

Choline is a compound found in pumpkins, as soon as your body absorbs it, it turns into trimethylamine.The build-up of trimethylamine in our body can create severe body odor. Therefore, trying citrusy fruits might be your best chance of rectifying this problem. First of all, they smell amazing, and our body easily digests them. Second, they provide immediate results; you won’t be detecting any bad smells.

Cardamom and cinnamon vs garlic and onion

Among the multiple chemicals that garlic and onion carry, the main culprit of producing bad smells is a sulfuric compound. This compound seeps through our pores and produces the bad smell that we often complain about after eating either of those plants. That is why it is best to replace them by cardamom and cinnamon; they do not only contribute by great flavors that they provide to the cooking, but they also aid in producing a long-lasting clean smell.

Celery vs asparagus

We all want to smell good and attract other people to us. That is what Celery exactly does. Celery is high in properties that stimulate pheromones, thus making you smell and seem charming to the opposite sex. On the other hand, Asparagusic acid, which is an organosulfur compound found in asparagus, gets broken down once consumed and is the one responsible for the bad odor.

White fish vs red meat

Refraining from consuming red meat might have remarkable effects on our perception of smells. A study done concerning this issue proved that women noticed the body odor of men who had not consumed any red meat for two weeks as better and more appealing compared to others who continued integrating red meat in their diet. That is why it is preferable to eat fish as it does not release the same offensive smells that emanate after the digestion of red meat.

Fenugreek seeds vs pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds carry a high amount of choline. Choline is widely known to cause bad odor in many individuals. Therefore, fenugreek seeds are often included in diets to promote and aid our digestive system. They also help with destroying all dangerous toxins that are causing your body to smell.

Bonus: Eat in moderation

The food we suggested to stay away from is not harmful, except it is most suitable to avoid if you recognize any difficulties they might present to you. It is still desirable to include them in your diet occasionally, as they also deliver a decent amount of nutritional value. Vegetables, fruits, and dairy products are not faulty by any means; you just want to include them within your diet correctly. Ultimately, no one grasps your body and needs better than you do.

Choosing amid consuming your desired food and emanating a good smell might be a difficult choice. Were you able to detect your favorite food on the foods to avoid list?