10 Bathroom Habits That Could Be Wrecking Your Health

Terrible hygiene issues are lurking in even the most spotless of bathrooms. It’s true: Take, for example, a toilet bowl. The bowl alone has been found to contain more than 3.2 million bacteria. Therefore, bathrooms are the ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and germs; however, with poor habits, that can tamper with your health.

That was the reason that pushed us to gather these seemingly harmless bathroom mistakes, but that could lead to serious health issues. Maybe if we learn to avoid doing them, it could limit germs and potential illnesses.

  1. Shaving your bikini area
    We all like to think that we know what we’re doing when it comes to shaving the bikini line. However, even with years of practice, there is the risk of picking up bad habits along the way that have the possibility of damaging our skin.

What to do instead:
If you are one to regularly shave your bikini line, try to use a shaving gel and women’s razor because they are specially made for sensitive skin. Try to avoid using soap as it is abrasive, and it doesn’t provide a clean shave because it doesn’t allow the razor to glide as smoothly.
A better alternative to shaving is waxing. Waxing is more long-lasting, and it will eventually reduce hair growth. However, if you are ever interested in switching from shaving to waxing, it is better to consult a specialist first.

  1. Using a loofah
    Loofah sponges are good to scrub and take care of dead skin cells. However, they are too intimate with our bodies. Leaving them sitting around in your bathroom after your shower, allows bacteria to increase within every area possible of the sponge. The warm, humid shower is an ideal place for germs, and reusing the loofah that was sitting around in that environment for long is providing bacteria with a free pass to your skin.

What to do instead:
Replace it as often as you can.
Hang it to dry outside the bathroom.
It’s necessary to exfoliate your skin twice a week; however, you can do it using items other than the loofah.
Use items that can be used more often, instead of the loofah; for example, washcloths.

  1. Missing some spots when washing your body in the shower
    Nothing can protect you from acne and bacteria except cleanliness. A little soap and water will do their job to prevent acne and bacterial infections, but only if you’re properly covering all the surfaces in your body. Frequently overlooked areas are your back, scalp, under the feet, and behind your ears. If not well cleaned, these tougher to reach areas put you under the risk of developing acne, rashes, and other skin infections.

What to do instead:
Get brushes that are specially made for these parts, which will make cleaning them much easier.

  1. Leaving your toothbrush on the counter
    It wouldn’t be wise to carelessly toss your toothbrush wherever because if you were aware of what exists in your bathroom, you will want to reconsider your choices. Especially if the toilet is close to the sink, when you flush the toilet with the lid open, sprays of water are sent from the bowl to the air. These sprays land on whatever comes in their way, including your toothbrush.

What to do instead:
A better way to store your toothbrush is either far away in a cabinet or a drawer. A dry area to prevent the risk of your toothbrush harboring any bacteria.
Also, replace your current toothbrush every 3 months.

  1. Taking gadgets into the bathroom
    When you go to the bathroom with your phone, there is a higher chance that you won’t be sanitizing it after. So your phone is then full of germs, you carry the phone with the germs, you are constantly handling it, and what is worse is that you use your hands to touch your face or pick up food. 

What to do instead:
If you are one of those people who stay for a long time in the bathroom but need a distraction, try something like Rubik’s cube to pass time. However, keep in mind to sanitize it; every time.

  1. Using a towel for your face
    Separating your towels for different body parts doesn’t make things better. Moist things like your towels are the perfect paradise for bacteria to latch onto. Using the same towel every day and leaving it damp, harbors lots of bacteria that will then transfer to your skin.

What to do instead:
Use paper towels, they are safer for your skin. Plus, you don’t have to wash your towels every single time you use them.

  1. Leaving wet towels hanging in the bathroom

Because of the humidity and the bacteria that come with it, your bathroom is the least favorable place to store your towels in. Not only hanging it there is not a good idea, but also wiping it all over your body after a shower is the worst.

What to do instead:
Dry your towel outside after usage so it won’t fill your bathroom with the bad stench it leaves if left wet.
After each bath, change your towel.

  1. Sitting on the toilet longer than 15 minutes
    Some people like to use their toilet time to catch up on a good book or play games. But there is a serious health risk connected with sitting on the seat for too long: hemorrhoids. The seated position puts a lot of pressure on the veins, which can swell or bulge and cause hemorrhoids. The most common symptom of hemorrhoids is bleeding.

What to do instead:
You should use the toilet only when nature calls.
It is probably best not to take anything that will distract you and cause you to stay longer than necessary.

  1. Flushing the toilet while the lid is up
    The possibility of fecal matter and urine flying away from the toilet bowl during each flush is high, which can contaminate all that is present within the same space, from towels to toothbrushes.

What to do instead:
Try to close the lid each time you flush. If you keep on forgetting to do that the first few times, keep a reminder close until you get used to it.

  1. Putting your hair on top of your head as you shampoo
    An easy way to get tangled hair entails shampooing a pile of wet hair on top of your head, especially for people who have long hair. That means that the way you are washing your hair is not the right one.

What to do instead:
The best way to shampoo is to lather your hair in its natural position.
Only shampoo and wash your scalp, not the ends of your hair because it can dry them out.

Did you ever make any of these mistakes? If so, we hope that this article helped you realize your bad habits so that you’ll fix them.